Wednesday, February 13, 2019

How To Verify Facebook Page or Profile to Get Blue Badge 2019

There are countless users on Facebook who have profiles and pages, some of which are celebrities, leaders, or some of the most famous brands, before the name of their profile and page, you see a blue color or a gray color badge. This Blue or grey tick is called the Verification badge.
How To Verify Facebook Profiles or Pages to Get Blue Badge

Blue and green tick marks on any profile and page mean that Facebook has ensured the profile and identity of the user of the page and that page or profile has a great identity. Verification Tick Mark is not for all Facebook profiles.

An Example: PM Narendra Modi Verified Page

PM Narendra Modi Verified Page

As an example, you can see India's successful Prime Minister Narendra Modi's verified Facebook page. Narendra Modi has a different identity throughout the world and the country, so his official page has been verified by Facebook.

Approximately 43 million people like Narendra Modi's page and over 42 million people are following. 

But Facebook page verification has nothing to do with it. If you have fewer followers and likes then your Facebook page may still be verified. The condition is that you are following Facebook's policies.

What types of pages and profiles can be verified by Facebook?

As you should know that Facebook does not give blue tick marks to everyone's profile and page. By Facebook, A brand that identifies a few select policies and has a different identity on social media or a person's special profile and a page is provided with the Blue Tick Badge.

  • A brand
  • Public Figure
  • News Personality
  • Celebrity
  • Local Bussiness

How to get Verified on Facebook

Follow some steps to verify your profile or page on Facebook to get a blue or grey badge.
You must have the necessary documents, such as a government ID (your photo and date of birth should be clearly visible).
If you want to verify the Facebook page of any organization, its registration proof should be there. 
To validate a company's brand's Facebook page, you must have a bill of electricity or a phone bill.

If you have any of these proofs, then go to this official Facebook profile or page Verification link. to follow the further process.

Verify Facebook Profiles or Pages to Get a Blue Or Gray Badge

1. In the first option, you have to select whether you want to verify your profile or page, either.  If you choose the profile, here you will need to enter the link to the profile you want to validate.

Verifcation procces step 1A
For the page, here you must select the page from the dropdown that you want to verify.
Verifcation procces step 1B

2. In ID option:- Upload any of your official certificate or documents.
3. In the final option, you have to give your views or reasons on why Facebook should verify your page or profile, why you should provide a blue tech badge.

After this, you click the SEND button and your request will reach Facebook. In a few days, Facebook will check your request and check, if your profile and your Facebook page meet the rules of Facebook, your page or profile will be Verified.

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