Thursday, February 7, 2019

How to Enable or Disable SIM PIN on Smartphone

To provide more security to your smartphone, features such as phone lock pattern lock are provided. In the same way, the SIM lock facility is provided by the SIM card service provider. Anyone can unlock the lock of the mobile phone, but the lock which you put in the SIM card can open only you, That's why we will tell you how to Enable or Disable SIM PIN lock.

Enable or Disable SIM PIN lock

What is a SIM PIN?

SIM PIN means SIM card's Personal Identity Number. Just as you use your phone lock password pattern in it to keep your mobile phone safe. In the same way, SIM PIN is used to keep the SIM card safe in the phone. If your mobile phone is ever stolen then the other person will not be able to use your SIM card and will not be able to do any wrong thing using your SIM card.

Password vs SIM PIN

Do not get confused with sim pins and phone passwords alike. The password is used to unlock the phone's lock screen. But the SIM PIN is used only when you turn on your phone or start it again.

Enable SIM PIN in Smartphone

1. Go to your smartphone's Settings and click on the Security Option. Going to the Security Option, you will see a Setup SIM card lock option, go to it. 

Setup or change sim pin

2. After going into the Set up SIM card lock option, you will click on the toggle button next to the lock SIM card option and turn it on.

lock SIM card option and turn it on

3. Here you have to enter any 4 digits new SIM PIN.


Thus your SIM card will be protected. Now, whenever you reboot your phone you will need  SIM PIN. If someone stole your SIM card and would like to use it in their mobile phone, without the SIM PIN, they will not be able to use your SIM card.

Disable SIM PIN

1. To disable the SIM PIN, go to Settings, click on the Security option, and then click Set up SIM Card Lock.

2. Now in SIM card lock option click toggle button next to the lock SIM card option to turn it off.

lock SIM card option and turn it off

3. Here you have to enter your 4 digits SIM PIN again.

SIM PIN enter again

This way your SIM PIN will be disabled again. Hope this information will prove to be very helpful for the security of your SIM card.

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