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How to delete facebook account permanently immediately

delete facebook account permanently immediately

How to permanently delete a Facebook account immediately

Here is a link to the facebook deletion page.

Attention: There is a difference between deleting and deactivating the account. So you can deactivate your Facebook account immediately but If you want to delete your account, then your account is deleted after being deactivated for 4 weeks. Conversely, if you deactivate your account, your account will not be deleted. You can activate it at any time. Therefore, follow the process of deleting the account, not the deactivation.

The process of the Facebook account deletion 

Before beginning deletion, pay attention to some things. When you request to delete your Facebook account, your account is deactivated for 4 weeks and after that Facebook completely erases it. Unless your account gets deleted, do not log in to your Facebook account, you have to wait for 30 days.

Before following the procedure, make some changes to your account. So that your data will be completely secure and your privacy will remain safe.
All this process is to be done in any browser of your mobile phone or computer instead of the Facebook app. I would recommend you to use a Chrome browser.

What about your personal information data on Facebook

Although Facebook has claimed to delete all data within 90 days after deleting your Facebook account in 4 weeks. -Facebook data policy

But it has been found many times that users data has never been deleted from Facebook.

So if you want to leave Facebook you should manually delete your data. So far, you have shared your personal photos, your mobile number etc. on Facebook, you can not delete all of them but delete your personal photos and messages. You can also delete your data logged in to another website using Facebook. Follow this procedure as well.

Revoke the app permission

If you have used a Facebook account to log in to a website or app, then you should delete those apps from your account. If you do not do this, these websites and apps will continue to have access to your personal information.

Delete all the apps by visiting this official Revoke app permission link.

Back up your FB account data

If you want a copy of the data shared on Facebook, you can backup it. In the future, when you want to see what you have shared on Facebook, you can easily see it.
In this backup data file, you get all your messages and all the posts you share on your profile.

Delete all posts shared on the Facebook profile

Remove all photos shared on your timeline, such as your profile picture, cover photo, and your status photo on Facebook. With this delete your Messenger chat too. It will be good.

If you have done this work, then log in to the website in the mobile phone or pc browser and then go to this official Facebook account deletion page link.

If you still feel difficult, you can read the process below too.

Here's how to schedule a Facebook account to delete

Step 1. Go to the official account deletion page
Step 2. Click Delete account

Delete Facebook Account step with image

Step 3. Enter your password to verify.
Delete Facebook Account second step with image

Step 4. Again click 'Delete Account'.

Delete Facebook Account another step with image

Congratulation, You have all done.

How to Protect your data, contact etc

If you use Facebook and its other applications (Instagram, WhatsApp) on your mobile phone, then you are inviting threats. Facebook, Instagram Whatsapp Smartphone application comes under the proprietary rights of Facebook.

An Example-
If you go to your mobile phone's application settings and check the app permissions of Facebook, you will know that Facebook is communicating with you all your contacts, your phone calls, and your media files. That is, all information about you is reaching Facebook's Server.

The condition is same in Instagram and Whatsapp also, you are deliberately handing all your information to Facebook. So uninstall all these apps from your phone or do not allow the app for your data.

In the future, if you want to use Facebook, then use Facebook in the browser's secret mode so that it does not steal any information from your mobile phone or computer system.

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