Thursday, January 31, 2019

Top web portals that are spreading fake/Pro Congress/racial reports on the Internet in India

You live in any country, but you should be aware of the bad effects of fake news. Counterfeit reports can create a fight in society, especially in the form of communal violence and especially their contribution in elections. Generally, political parties launch agenda against their opponents by running fake reports.

When you talk about fake news, the first American elections are remembered when the President was elected there. Paid Media was unnecessarily promoting Hillary Clinton and was predicting her becoming President. The American media was claiming that America was choosing Hillary Clinton. Several types of surveys were shown which were completely out.

On the other hand, the media was presenting anonymous bogus cases to prove Donald Trump cheap, useless and guilty The atmosphere was such that the American people had begun believing that the Donald Trump could never become president.

In the whole election, Hillary Clinton was promoted as a very strong and best woman in the world through fake reports, and on the other hand, Donald Trump was proved worthless and bad man by fake reports. After the war of so much fake news, Donald Trump became President of the United States. The fake reports did not have any effect on the trump. But in many countries fake news proves to be very helpful in reversing power, for example, you can see India.

Fake news portal in India

web portals that are spreading fake/Pro Congress/racial reports

For your information, we will share some web portal information here. This web portal in India is far ahead of spreading fake news. And surprisingly, it claims to disclose false news but tries to prove the truth news to the fake news and tries to prove fake news to the truth.

The wire

Main Goal: Pro congress, Left wings, Against nationalist, nationalist organizations. Promote Communal/Racial Violence. Support of casteist organizations, support of communal parties, Muslim appeasement.

This web portal itself declares itself as a news provider. Its main purpose is to create caste discrimination in India's Hindu community. If an incident is related to the person coming from the Hindu community, then he writes the news highlighting the person's caste and tries to ensure that the caste discrimination remains intact.

Apart from this, if a person from the Muslim community is fighting a person of the Hindu community, then he tries to accuse the Hindu community of that person that the Hindu man attacked him because he was a Muslim. With this, it also runs agenda against Hindus' ideology ie Hindutva. The Wire is very hostile to all Hindu nationalist parties of India

Alt News

Main Goal: Makes false sectarian news, then exposes them to declare themselves as a fact checker and accuses right wing to spreading lies. Runs an agenda against nationalist organizations.

Alt news work style-
It works for the Congress party and sometimes also works for Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party. Its main task is to spread false reports against the Bharatiya Janata Party.

It spreads fake news through Hinduism, through its IT cell, on the Facebook group of supporters of the Bharatiya Janata Party, to spread communal violence among Hindu Muslims. After this, they denied false news and even accused Bharatiya Janata Party supporters of spreading communalism. While those fake reports were spread by people of Altnews own IT cell.

The quint

Key goals: opposition of nationalist organizations, support of casteist organizations, support of communal parties, Muslim appeasement.

The Quint work style-
It declares itself as independent journalism and a fact tester, but in reality it is a liar.
In each religion, different nicknames are used. The web portal tries to fight the people in the name of caste at the behest of political parties. Because the people divided in the name of racism in India can easily be converted to vote bank. You do not get any personal benefits by reading any news on its web portal, but in your mind, a sense of jealousy and anger towards the other community's genre arises. 

The Print

Main Goal: Pro congress, Left wings, Against nationalist, nationalist organizations. Promote Communal/racial Violence.

The Print work style-
This portal was created by a person named Shekhar Gupta. This person claims to be a journalist himself. You would be surprised to know that its construction was done in 2016 in India to run a campaign against Narendra Modi's government. On the other hand, while running an agenda supporting Congress, it claims to be an impartial news provider to fool the general public.

It always opposes every nationalist humanist thinking and it always supports anti-national thinking. Shekhar Gupta himself is a big supporter of the Congress party and Left party, he constantly writes in opposition to the country and in support of the Congress party. Not only this, it promotes communal violence and racial violence by its writings.

The News Laundry

Claiming to be independent journalism themselves. But if you read its articles, you will know that it supports a particular ideology. Along with this, it also opposes a particular ideology i.e. nationalism and humanism. It declares itself as independent journalism and a fact checker so that no one is suspected of running a special Left ideology agenda on it.


Here you see a list of websites that spread racist and communal tension. This list will increase in the future. Please be careful and avoid their false articles.

If you look at all of these then you will find a common ideology in it. You will also feel that all of them are run by the same organization. And it is completely true too. These web portals can run differently but their content is being determined by an organization which directs them what type of news to run, what kind of agenda is to spread.

They call themselves free, but they constantly write against one ideology and live in support of a particular ideology. These are not all truthful news providers but biased web portal running a political agenda which is eager to support the Congress and Left ideology and opposes leftist ideology and opponents of Congress.

And the best way to avoid them getting into the grip of their agenda is to ignore them. Report on every link and every post shared by them on social media, just report it.

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