Thursday, January 17, 2019

Here's how to unlock the mobile phone without pattern or password

People often put a hard password in their smartphone, so sometimes they forget it. They can not unlock their smartphones. They set up passwords and patterns to protect their mobile phones from others and they create problems for themselves.

how to unlock the mobile phone without pattern or password

Most of us forget about passwords and patterns in our smartphone. Then there is a question in our mind about how we unlock our mobile phone without a password. It hurts us and we have to go to the smartphone specialist's shop to unlock it. Our money and time are both wasted. But there are many other ways that you can open the pattern of your mobile phone, even if you forget the lock or password lock. Today we are going to tell you one of the same methods.

#Unlock your smartphone without knowing the password

If you have forgotten the password of your mobile phone and want to open the lock, then switch off that mobile phone first, but keep one of the things in mind that Your phone should have a battery charge above 50% or else it may be difficult.

  • After switching off the phone follow the steps.

unlock the mobile phone without pattern or password

  • Press the power button + Press the push button (this is both buttons you have to press together)
  • After doing so, you will be in the recovery mode of your mobile phone. 
  • In the Recovery Mode, you will see the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option on the main screen. Click on it, your mobile phone will be busy in the reset process for a while. 
  • You will leave your phone for a while only, after a short time the reset will be completed and your phone will be switched on automatically. Now you can see Your phone is unlocked.

You can put a new password or a new pattern by going to Settings. Hope this way would have liked. You will want to give a notice that this also eliminates the data stored in your phone's memory.

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