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Get Khasra Khatauni, list of all land records Govt Portal

Khasra Khatauni Lands Record Portals

What are Khasra and khatauni?

Khasra is also a disease name, but a document related to farmers in India and Pakistan is also Khasra. So in the context of the farmers, do not be stupid to understand it as a disease.

Khasra is an official document related to farmers in which the related information related to their land is provided by the government. Details about which crops are grown on any piece of land in any village. Before the British rule in India, the use of Khasra was started. It is used in conjunction with the Sajra document, in which the entire village map is completed, records of the entire land and the farmers working on it also have information about the crops grown. Details of land in Khasra can also detect the economic condition of the farmers.

On the basis of measles, the details of all the plots owned by a family or an individual can be prepared as Khatauni. Simply put, in a Khatuni, the measles documents of all the plots of the person have been listed.

How to get a copy of khatauni Online?

The government of India has created separate portals for obtaining land records and khautaui for farmers of different states. By using these web portals, you can get online a copy of your Khatoni/land record.

  • First of all, in the state where your city or village is located, go to the Bhorok web portal of that state from the list below.
  • Select your district village
  • Then use your name or Gata number to get a copy of  khasra Khatoni.

Here is a list of land records web portals

The list of websites used in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Rajasthan, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh for obtaining the Bhulekh and Khatuani is given below. Their use is absolutely free.

UP Bhulekh

If your land is located in Uttar Pradesh and you want to get a copy of your khatauni. So you have to visit the U.P. Bholok web portal. You can get Khatoni from here.

[Go to UP Bhulekh]

MP Bhulekh

In Madhya Pradesh, to extract the details of your fields, you have to go to the MP Bhulekh Portal provided by the state government of Madhya Pradesh. Here you can get a copy of your land based on the local address of your fields and using your name.

Bihar Land Record, Bhulekh

If your farm is situated in Bihar and you want to get details of Khasra Khatouni land document etc., use the land records web portal provided by the government. Here you have to find your position directly in the map and get your print out using your name.

Uttarakhand Bhulekh

If your farm is located in Uttarakhand. There you have to get your land measles and khatauni, you can use the Bhulekh Web portal provided by Uttarakhand government, its website address has been given.

Devbhoomi Bhulekh

The Uttarakhand government has set up the Devbhoomi Bhulekh Portal separately to get the khatoni of its fields in the Devbhumi of Uttarakhand. Find khattoni of your fields located in Devboom in Uttarakhand by visiting this Bhulekh portal.

Rajasthan Apna Khata

In order to obtain Khasra & Khatauni of your fields located in any area of Rajasthan, you have to go to Rajasthan's Apna KHata web portal. Here you can see the status of your fields by looking at your map and taking out its khatauni etc.

[Go to Apna Khatav ]

Odisha Bhulekh

Use this Odisha Bhulekh web portal to get your fields khatauni in Odisha. The Odisha government has mainly dedicated it to the farmers of Odisha.

All these web portals are completely free and you can get khatauni of any state. You can put our web page in the bookmark list so that whenever you need information about these websites, you can come directly to our web page.

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